Spam Is Not Only a Food Option

I subscribe to a newsletter from The Consumerist. Most if not all of the articles are US based, which does not aid my way of living either way, but it does help me stay up to date with what is happening there. Today, there was an article on SPAM, not the supposed food product that came in can, which my mother served with fried eggs on top, during economically challenging times, but that hateful e-mail we find in our in-box.

A survey shows that 12% of the survey group actually responds to the spam messages. With a rate like that, it is obvious that spam is not going to disappear anytime soon. You can read the article here and within it there is a link to download the survey.

This comment that struck my funny bone, since the person’s spam comes in Hungarian and they are presumably in the US. Most of the time, I open Google or even Blogspot, it starts in Hungarian making me navigate to English. is the default regardless of how many times I have changed and saved my preferences. If all of my spam were in Hungarian, it would be so much easier to ignore; I cannot read it anyway. In the past, not being able to tell the difference between the good and the ugly, I have been guilty of forwarding pieces to students for translation with embarrassing results for both of us. Opps!