I Bagel You, Let Me Have Your Sausage

Some of the things that I miss most about the US are Italian sausage and bagels. Being from the NJ share city of Long Branch, where the population when I was growing up was 40% Jewish and 40% Italian, I know the quality of both foods intimately. Ron brought me back a dozen bagels and two pounds of sausage from IOWA. Would you believe it? IOWA? I think he said he had to look for both in the foreign food section.

What he has learned to do is deep freeze the sausage and then pack it well in his checked luggage. About six of the sausage were defrosted: three hot and three sweet. Those I cooked right away and threw the rest into the freezer. I did the same thing last year, but there was a twist last year. His luggage was lost for a day after Ron got home. Still, I ate the defrosted sausage and lived to tell about it. 
The bagels were bought the day he left, so they were still fresh. I slice them and freeze them here. The sausage were tasty and close to real Italian sausage, but needed a bit more spice inside. The bagels were surprisingly good; they are much better quality than we can get here.

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