Social Explosion

Pluto must be in a Venus retrograde this week. Oh, wait, Pluto has been demoted from its planet status, hasn’t it? Well something is afloat in the stars, because we have become social beacons this month. Three social events in the space of one week, I do believe this is our all-time record. 

Wednesday, we invited three of the Fulbright scholars over for coffee and dessert. One, Dr. Karla Kelsey will be teaching in my department this semester. She met Jeff and Allison Frawley at their orientation. Believing they would both be potential speakers for my Budapest Creativity Group, we extended the invite. 

Thursday, our other adopted nephew, Balazs invited us out to dinner. He wanted to introduce his girlfriend who he seems to be quite serious about. She brought along a friend also, a wonderful young man, who happens to be gay. We went to Crazy Dzsungel (Crazy Jungle), where the atmosphere is Disney-like and the food is incredibly good. That was two for two on fabulous evenings. 

Tonight, Karla Kelsey is hosting a wine and cheese. The invited included: “The idea is to bring something that you love about Hungary/Budapest….something culinary or drinkable along with the representation (picture? object? address?) of a place to visit or thing to do.”

After thinking long and hard, I did not want to bring something that would be gobbled or swallowed only to be physically extradited, though I do borrow that word from its true meaning. I put together a little pamphlet of ‘need to know’ items. Yes, I do know that WAMP has dates all year, but this was only for the time they will be in the country. 

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