Slug Time

Okay, I have been feeling like a slug, not getting much of anything done. I attribute it t the days of August, where I have worked on so many projects from the time school is out that by now, I am running out of gas. What has kept me busy is reading new books for classes for fall. After ordering a number of new books for classes, I have to read them to see if they are as good as they were portrayed. A couple are, but they would be so far over the comprehension level of my students, they cannot be used. One was sufficient, interesting and will be used for my Race and Ethnicity I class. Darn they are going to have a lot to read. 

As a reward for my slovenliness, we went to Szimpla Kert with Fulbrighter Jeff Frawley to test drive a new beer made with honey. It is not pasteurized, so from keg to keg it will be a bit different. Ron and I had stopped at a taco stand on the way. As good as the quick dinner was, I was almost too full to drink a large beer. All I had was one burrito. When the two others wanted round 2 of beer, I had to pass. Next time I will not eat first. It will be worth it for this beer, delicious. Anyone want to join us for a brew, give a yell. I am open to repeat visits.

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