Slam, Bang, 2,500 Euros Please the Dentist Says

In this land of world renown dentistry, it is so much less expensive then anywhere else (Read here the USA or the UK). I have been told by a dozen dentists that I have the worst dental genes they have come across. What is irksome is that I have flossed long before it was fashionable and brush more than most people. It has not helped. 

The total bill for my oral reconstruction is a small down payment on a new home. I have the peace of mind knowing though that if I were to have the work done in the US, it would have been double the cost. 

The next step involved excavation. I wasn’t sure if it were a dentist or archeologist working on my mouth, but it did take 2 hours under sterile conditions. There was not a moment of pain either during the procedure or after. I was provided with pain pills, but I only took one of them. I haven’t needed more. 

What I did need was a stabilizer when I found that this step in the process was a cool 2,500 euros. Smelling salts please…

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