Seal and Burp

If you happen to be American and in my age range, chances are you are very familiar with home parties. One of the oldest is Tupperware.How often I remember my mother agreeing to host a party so that my Aunt Polly would get enough points to get the prize she wanted for hosting a party after Aunt Joy’s party. It was like acceptable incestuous relationships. I will come to yours, you come to mine, we will go to hers so she will come to ours. Everyone got a little or gave a little to someone else. My favorite part of Tupperware was the seal. Close the lid and “burp” to get the air out.
As luck would have it, I happened across an article about how the economy is metropolitan areas of the U.S. is not picking up at all, but along the way, there was this video.
If I could only pull off the shtick, I too could earn a living. What really caught my attention was that the “movie producer‘s” name is K. Ryan Jones. Fearful some may see it and confuse Jones with James, I had to include it here for a nostalgic chuckle and disclaimer.

Am I giving “Aunt Barbara” free advertising? I certainly hope so. He deserves it.

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