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I see I have had a Scottish reader here. We would certainly love to have a Scottish B and B guest. We left Edinburgh last summer with more than 30 Scottish pounds, which we tried changing to British pounds. The ‘gentleman’ at the exchange claimed he did not have any British pounds, but that the Scottish pounds would be exchangeable anywhere. If we had a guest from there, we could do a private exchange.

It seemed to me at the time that we had problems the year before with the extra currency, but was not about to humiliate him by telling him his currency was worthless outside of the islands. When we returned to Hungary, no one would exchange the Scottish pounds. Had I thought about it, I could have changed them for Euros while still in Edinburgh. Too much feisty Fringe Festival frivolity to remember options, I guess.

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  1. The change guy is wrong, they’re sterling, usable in all UK. He probably thinks he’ll have trouble getting people to take them.

    Anyone from the UK could swap them.

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