Score X Two

American popular culture (and maybe Freud too) claims that we always blame our mothers for everything. Who am I to argue this pop culture, so with that in mind, one of my mother’s mantras was “We never get anything for nothing. We have to work hard for everything we have.” It has taken me over thirty years to break from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness. It is a constant struggle and at times I find myself rejecting prosperity when it comes knocking. 

Point in case, just a couple of weeks ago, a reader planned to buy and send me a Kindle reader, knowing my lust for reading. It was only after adamantly refusing to use one when I discovered his intentions. He sent me the order from Amazon and a copy of the cancellation of the same order. I found his generosity overwhelming. Yet, if I had true prosperity consciousness, I would have graciously accepted the gift. Hence, my mother’s mantra showing its colors. The message being “We cannot accept when good things happen to us. There must be a trick.” How many more years do I have to get this right by continually being open to what the universe brings? I used to be a board member of the local Unity Church in CA. I need a Unity here to keep me pumped up mentally.

Alternatively, there were two offers that I did accept. Ron and I took our friend Anna to lunch at Gerloczy Cafe as a thank you for her translating for us. While there, I asked to speak to the marketing person, knowing they had one. The one that greeted us was new and not the woman I had known. Giving her a “Recommended by Frommer’s 2010″ sticker, I showed her the review in the book. She was so pleased, she invited Ron and I back for a dinner. We went this last Friday for a three course meal. We love this place, so this was a real treat. Since we covered close to 70 eateries for the last edition of the book, eating out is not high on our “To Do” list. Yet, we cannot turn down a gracious invite.

Prosperity appeared a second time this week. Our condo in FL has a garage, for which we pay a second association fee. We cannot give it up and our renters were not interested in renting it. Thursday, I received an e-mail from the property manager asking if they could rent it to store tools. Their contract with their current storage is up August 1st and our garage is within blocks of their office. YES! Rent it. That takes care of the garage association fees each month.

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