Say No to Ending No-tels

The New York State Senators want to take a big bite out of the Big Apple’s affordable accommodations. Voting this week on this tedious bill named A10008, they are putting the kabash on short-term sublets in New York City. With a blanket ban, that does not include other linens or breakfast included, they are putting a stop to any sub-letting that is under one month in duration. 
What this means is that if you were planning on renting a couch, room, or an apartment for your one to three week holiday escape the Big Apple, you will find that the government worms have rocked the apple cart.
It seems for NY’ers only, you can sign a petition here. It has to verify your voting eligibility before it goes through. Personally, I couldn’t and wouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars a night for a room in NYC. This option makes it much more reasonable and still brings in tourism dollars.
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