Say Good Night Larry

For those of you old enough to remember George Burns and Gracie Allen, at the end of their show, George would turn to Gracie his wife and say “Say good-night Gracie”. This has become a long time saying for politely telling someone to shout up. 
Ron loved watching Larry King‘s show each day here, in Hungary. It is via CNN, one of our two shows in English, the other being BBC. For years, I have been saying “Say good-night Larry” not appreciating what skill his interviews were supposed to have possessed to make him such a legend. Personally, I think people just loved tuning in to see which suspenders he was wearing that day.
Well, he has finally done it in. With CNN only(?) 30 years old, Larry has been around for 25 years of it. They claim he has done 50,000 interviews, but in reality the last 10,000 Larry was just propped up with a little motor on his neck that shook his head at appropriate times. The dear is 76 years old, has had 8 marriages and a slew of children, one who never met until the son turned 30 years old and another who is just 10 years old. If he continued, truth in advertising would have made them changed the name of the show. Currently, it is called Larry King Live.
I hope they do a Larry King tribute consisting of all of his interviews with anyone associated with family values and their advocates. That would be special.
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