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I subscribe to a number of geek newsletters, computer related and most of the time I get to skim them. One newsletter that I really enjoy is CRENK. It relates back to a blog, which I hardly ever read, because he puts all of the juicy stuff in the newsletter. I think the writer is from one of the Scandinavian countries; he mentioned it once. His English is not always 100%.
A new item that caught my attention was a site called Savings dot com. They boast 5,700+ online stores that have coupons for savings. This is only good for the States, but there are times when I order things in the States for others to bring over. It is a great idea and as I browsed, there were some substantial savings for some of the online stores. Others are hit and miss, but if you clip coupons from the Sunday paper, you never need all of them do you?
My Windows 7 Ultimate trial version is going to run out in 9 days. After that, the computer will start shutting off every 2 hours without warning and what you are working on will be lost. I had purchased a program called PC Mover for the kitchen computer. It saves all of your programs and settings and re-installs them after you do in in-place install or a reformatting. I was dubious, but it worked like a charm after upgrading that computer from XP to Windows 7 Home version thanks to Jim Kipping. However, for main computer, since it runs the Windowsrelease candidate. I was able to find the Pro here in English.  Home Server, I was told by many that I should go with Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate. The Ultimate was more program than I needed and I did not see any great advantages from the last
Thinking that PC Mover was such a piece of software the last time, I decided to buy it again. Yes, they have it locked so you can use it once only with no cheating. Anyway, the version I needed this time was different since I already had a version of W7 on the computer with the benefit of XP. I was already to spend the $79+ for the program. It was cheaper than the booze and drugs I would need to ingest while replacing all of my programs with their ridiculous codes, keys, serial numbers, and what-have-yous.
There I was at the check out screen staring at the $79.00 thinking how unfair it was, when the advertised price was $59.00. The added amount was VAT or that other ugly word – taxes. Before I clicked the button to move the sale forward, I thought I would try something. I did not have to enter my home address. There was nothing to deliver, but I did have it there for the credit card billing. All of my cards except for Capital One have Hungary as my home address. Capital One refuses to allow an out of the US address. I switched my credit card from Visa to Capital One. Suddenly, magically, my total dropped to $59.00. 
Then I started thinking about and their coupons. I could not find a coupon for PC Mover, but I Googled it. Sure as shoot’in, I found an online coupon for $15.00 savings if used before March 1st. I copied the code, put it in the “If you have a coupon, put it here” box (a good clue that coupons are out there). My new total was now $44.00.
This is something I will remember to keep in my bag of tricks! The best part is, I did not have to live in the US to get the discount either.
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