Santana – Live and Free Concert

Every summer, T-Mobile sponsored a live concert at Heroes Square. The best year was when Elton John performed. This year is Santana. We told our four guests and everyone was charged. At 7:30, Ron and I took the bus to the end spot of where they close off the street. However, they changed the whole thing this year. Normally, the concert stage is in front of the Fine Arts Museum and everything beyond is blocked to traffic. This year, the stage was at the far end of the park and fences surrounded the whole thing. The only people allowed in were ticket holders. There were not anywhere near as many screens to view the concert as in the past, so basically all you could do was find a place to sit and listen.

We found a grassy knoll, relaxing there for a half hour, before we realized this was like listening to the radio or more currently techno, Media Player. Why were we there? We walked closer to the Exhibition Hall, where there was only one large screen showing the performers. Santana did not sing much at all, but his band did the lion’s share of the work. With great disappointment, we left. You do get what you pay for.