Ryanair Cuts Budapest in November-December

Ryanair to suspend Budapest service in November-December

By: All Hungary News

2008-07-18 15:24

Ryanair has cancelled all of its 180 flights to and from Budapest during November and December, claiming that, due to the high fees charged at Ferhihegy Airport, it is more economical for the company to stay away from the Hungarian capital, writes index.hu. According to the Irish budget airline, Ferihegy is one of the most expensive airports in Europe, a factor that gains in importance as turnover drops in the low season. The company says Hungary will lose 27,000 tourists and an income of €6 million during the two month “boycott” of the airport. Domokos Szollár, a spokesman for Budapest Airport Zrt., which manages Ferihegy, denied Ryanair’s claim of excessive costs, pointing out that the airline, which began serving Budapest less than a year ago, has enjoyed a break given to all carriers early in their presence at the airport. He also said that Ryanair sent the same letter threatening a shutdown to every airport it flies to, demanding the right to use them for free – adding that the company probably called each of them “Europe’s most expensive airport.” Szollár said that the fees at Ferihegy are 40% lower than those of the Vienna airport, 8% lower than those of the Warsaw airport and 1% lower than those in Prague.