Ron’s Brainstorm

Ron had a clever idea. Gosh, my vocabulary is becoming so British. He decided we should call the previous owner of the flat. He does after all have a contracting business and therefore should know a plumber. Though the gentlemen in question does not speak English, Ron called his son-in-law, Gabor, who does with some fluency.

Gabor was quick to say he would call Ron back with some information and we were prepared to wait a week for this to happen. Shockingly, Gabor called back in 30 minutes with the information that the plumber was outside our door. It was like a magic act; it happens before your eyes, so you think it must be real, but you are never really sure of how it happened. There in front of us was Istvan and he spoke English. Two miracles at once, could our hearts take the excitement?

Istvan looked over the bathroom, then went down to look at the neighbor’s bathroom ceiling. When he returned upstairs with us, he said there were three possibilities off of the top of his head. This was two ideas more than the other plumbers had, so we took an immediate liking to him. He said he would return tomorrow to test each idea and see which one panned out, arranging to be here at 2:00 in the afternoon. This was convenient with the neighbor’s wife, so all were in agreement. Personally, I wanted to chain him and stuff him into a closet until the appointed time. I know how these little leprechauns can lie their way out and you never see them again. When I dragged out the chains, Ron caught on to my motives and stopped me. Fingers are crossed for tomorrow.

In the meantime, we had tickets tonight to a dance performance at the Trafo Theater with Kate, Philip, and Nicole, another Fulbrighter. It was a modern dance and other than the movements of their bodies, it was not interesting at all. Kate hated it and she is a choreographer. The two men were good-looking and the fact that they had their bodies almost completely exposed did lend something to the evening, but the woman rolling in ‘blood’ all over a canvas at the end did shock most of us.