Kim Files 7

Yesterday, Ron took Kim to the Parliament where she went on the tour to be thoroughly impressed. They then met me at Cafe Gerbeaud’s, which I still think is overrated and overpriced, but not as much as others.

We wandered down Vaci shopping once again, hit some shops for a second time and others that we missed the first time. Needing lunch, we made our way to the Amstel Cafe and waited for 45-minutes to be served. As it turned out, the waitress who was busy talking to a friend had forgotten to turn the order in at all. This was the worst service I had ever received here.

Toward the end of the street, we returned to Intuita where Kim bought us a clock I had noticed yesterday and really liked.

We made our way to St. Stephen’s Basilica. Ron did the interior tour while I tried getting a table for us at California Coffee Company, but no deal, so we had rose petal ice cream cones instead. We had to show her the Four Seasons and of course use their bathrooms. Back home, we rested and then went to Szep Ilona for dinner.

Szep Ilona has remodeled since we were there last. It is lovely inside, but we dined in the garden. The food was exceptional and so was the environment. Another memorable dinner.