Lend Me Your Arm

Ron had wanted to get security bars on the windows so that we could rid ourselves of the alarm system. At first I was resistant, but now with summer here, I am loving having the windows open all day without worries. I can airily leave the kitchen and our bedroom windows open when going out not having fears of anyone being able to invade the place…

At 11pm, last night while watching television, I had this urge for dessert, so I headed down to one of the gyro places to get some rice pudding. When I returned, as I was unlocking the door, there was an older guy standing behind me staring at the buzzers. He looked like the guy who lives on the ground floor, so I thought he was waiting for me to open the door or get out of the way. After he followed me in, he went to the mailboxes and I went to the elevator, but never heard any noise from the mailboxes, like one opening and closing. As I am riding up on the elevator, I had a creepy feeling and was glad to be inside the apartment.

The rice pudding was worth the trip, but as I continued to watch television, I noticed that the sensor light by our front door kept going on and off, which made me suspicious. Then I heard a noise, so I went to investigate. 

As I got closer to the door, the light had gone out again, so I guessed one of my neighbors had walked by previously or they had a late night guest; this would have been strange since all lights were out when I had returned with the pudding. I am standing in front of my door when suddenly the sensor light is triggered again. Facing me is a young man with his arm through the window of my door and his hand on the door handle. We are now staring at each other with enough light to make both of us recognizable, but he does not stop attempting to open the door. I yelled “What are you doing?” He responded with “Claudia”, but they pronounce it CLOUDIA. I am thinking, if Claudia did live here, would you break into her apartment? Ever hear of a doorbell?

He turned to look to the side and seemingly was speaking to another person, but I was not going to open the other window to see who he was speaking to. He kept up his charade like he really thought there was a Claudia here and could not imagine how he could have misplaced her. Now, that I think back, there have been numerous times when the sensor light has gone on and off while I thought I had heard noises at the door. Thankfully, we are obedient about locking the door when the window is open. I don’t think he was Hungarian; he looked very similar to the other immigrants who have opened multiple restaurants on the street. 

I was so paranoid, I barely slept last night. 

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