Ron Arrives in Denver

Sounds like the name of a book for children, Ron Arrives in Denver, or a really unimaginative name for a bad porno flick. Either way, he is there and e-mailed me. I had tried calling, but the machine picked up. I had thought that would be the case, his not wanting to answer their phone.

He arrived safely; I can rest easily. Perhaps now the crazies in my head will stop plaguing me for a day or two now.

Here is part of his note.

Hi… I’m here… barely, as far as I feel this AM. Had a good sleep, but the quiet house, w/ R and M at work, is calling me back for a napbefore heading out for a walk.
All went very well until Toronto.

LOT was fine- enough space I could move to better exit seat. Good service, OK food too. Into Toronto with 2 hours to transfer to United. Found the one and only International carousel within minutes. All incoming thru to US are to send bags there, then I’d take to United bag check.

After waiting 30 min, I checked with Air Canada (only desk thereabouts). She was nice, said “You have time, just wait a bit more”. Meanwhile others were coming in and getting theirs within minutes. At 1 hour, I and young guy also on LOT persisted. Finally, an agent went away, probably to LOT on the other side and found them. United got the board pass quickly and there was time to spare.

So, on board shuttle plane, c. 30 seater. Pushed back, ready to fly, when they announced ‘computer problems’, and went back to gate. Lots of announcements to keep us docile, watered us once when cooler was down, mechanic who checked was new so wouldn’t clear security paper and had to call in another guy. 90 minutes late, we took off.

Fortunately Mark was checking on line and came just before landing. So I arrived in Denver at 6 AM our time, 24 hours after waking up there. A few longish cat naps, but I think I’m lagged a bit. They’re all out, so I’ll rest, take a walk later, then get my head working.

We were able to speak later this evening. He sounded like it would be a multi-nap day, but all is well.