Roaming Thoughts

Today in my e-mail was a note from our department head stating that since the university has not given our department any money for the last year, we are out of toner for both the copy machine and printers. Due to this fact, our department secretary bought the toner out of her personal money. She then asked all faculty members to donate 1,500 Huf to repay the secretary. Students wonder why I charge them for class supplies. Over the last few years, I bought a television, DVD player, laptop, scanner, projector, and printer for my office or classroom use. With the advent of computers, the television and DVD player are obsolete, but it was not too many years ago that less than 30% of students had computers at home. When I needed to show any video, I had to find it on DVD to show it. 
Now, there is the replacement of printer cartridges, paper, and the maintenance of the ten computers in our writing center. If anything happens to them, I will need to find the money or not have classes.
On another note, I bought this little book that I can carry with me to jot quick notes. I really hate my Nokia N96 in this regard. It is so cumbersome using the numeric pad to write in the mobile Word program. On the cover of the little book is a quote, which I quite like.
“You can’t do much about the length of your life, but you can do a lot about its depth and width.”
After doing an extensive search, there was no person to credit it with. If anyone has a clue, I would love to hear it. I added it to my signature in my e-mail.
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