We have our friend Kim visiting from Bremerton, WA. I worked with Kim in Modesto, CA and she and I became fast friends. We were extremely close for a number of years, but she was working on a Masters, I on my doctorate; things fell apart.

After almost twelve years of separation, neither of us were sure what happened, but she did come across Ron on Facebook. We reunited via e-mails and she is here now for our reunion. We have picked up where we left off, or left off from the best parts. It is like we were never away from each other.

Showing her Budapest and today, Szentendre has been a blast.

Last night we went to Paprika Restaurant, one of my favorite restaurants in Budapest. They recognized me as the author of the Frommer’s book and comped the whole meal for all three of us. That was a real treat. Off to another dinner.