The Results Are IN!!!

Hi, Ryan. This is Stephen from Frommer’s. I have some good news. I’ve reviewed the resumes I received for the Budapest & Hungary guide, and I’d like to offer you the book update. I enjoyed your clips, and I was impressed that you did some legwork at the hotel for the sample reviews. And it’s great that you live in Budapest and seem to have explored it so thoroughly, and you’re a business-owner to boot. I think you’d do a great job with the book and bring a unique perspective to it–and I think this may be the first time we’ve offered a book to a message board commenter, so it’s always nice to start another first.

Here are all the logistics for the assignment, so please review and let me know ASAP if you’re interested and able to do the project. Note that this contract also includes a few other Budapest/Hungary-related assignments, such as an update of the Hungary chapter for our Frommer’s Rail Europe guide (due before the main Budapest deadline) and an online update for our website (due after the book deadline, so we can post updates online just after the book comes out). Let me know if this is all doable. And note you’d also be updating maps, so I can send you thorough instructions for those as well.

Here’s all the information I have for the contract:

Title: Frommer’s Budapest & the Best of Hungary, 7th Edition

Release month: April 2008

Page count: 320 pages (roughly 30 pages longer than the last edition, so there’s room for new material and maps)

Page count minus the front matter and Index: 300 pages (text and maps)