Residency Permit Renewal

Today was the day we had to return to receive our new 5 year “Permanent Residency“. Our appointment was for 11am, but when we arrived at 10:39, the gate was closed. The sign showed they do not open until 1pm. There was one other person waiting, so when we met up with Laszlo, we found they do open the gate at 11am for those who have the appointment. 
It was quick and simple, but all they did was put the new sticker in our passport. They did not give us our new cards, so when Laszlo asked about it, he was told we would have to go to the district for these. This was new information to all of us. It had not worked this way our last go around. 
We went straight to the district office, but missed them by 3 minutes when they closed for lunch. We went for lunch too and then returned. I had to pay another 1,5oo Ft for the card, but Ron is a senior, which meant a waiver of the fee. After having our photos taken yet again, we filled in forms and now have to wait two weeks to pick them up. Each time we have some governmental issue with our living here, I have renewed empathy for those who try doing the same thing in the US. I cannot imagine we are any more efficient.
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