Reflections and Quips

I took some of my favorite photos that I snapped recently during the photography classes. I put them into 2 small albums. One, Budapest Reflections only has 9 photos in it.

The other one, Photo Class – Hits and Misses has a respectable twenty-two photos. The reason for the title of the second one is because we as a class went out night shooting. Our instructor changed the settings on my camera for night photography. Four days later, we were out and about. As I started to take photos, I found that there was a delay in the shutter opening, but the shutter was staying open for a long time. 

After checking what I thought was every adjustment, I was able to adjust the shutter opening time, but not the delayed reaction, so I e-mailed our teacher. As soon as I hit ‘send’, I realized the timer was still on. Anyway, a couple of shots are on the dark side, but the captions use that fact. 

Anyway, you can click each of the pictures below to be taken to the album or you can click on the names of the albums above. Warning, I can see from my computer that the pictures here do not look as crispy clear as they do opened in the album. Hugely projected on a wall, they look marvelous. 

Budapest Reflections
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