Redefining “Budget”

Budget: A financial plan to manage the spending and saving of money. 
Achieved with a relatively small financial outlay. 
It seems that a segment of the airline industry has taken it upon themselves to rewrite dictionary definitions, because the once Budget airlines no longer fit into the definition of budget. Only a few years ago, we were able to fly from Budapest to Geneva for 35 Euros each way per person, inclusive of all fees. We went to Milan for 29 Euros. Those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end…  But they did end. **Side note below.
Budapest went from a heyday of over twenty budget airlines  making cities throughout Europe as appealing as choosing chocolates in a truffle shop and almost as inexpensive. Europe was our playground and we savored the moments.
I was hoping for a new adventure this summer, especially since the last summer I spent researching my book, not getting me beyond the Hungarian borders. We have been wanting to visit Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania for some time. We have been to Tallinn and found it delightful.
Hunting through, there is only one “budget” airline that flies from Budapest to either Riga or Vilnius: Air Baltic.
No matter how far in advance I tried, this was the result.
Budapest to Riga
Fare – 386 euros (Not forints or dollars mind you)
Taxes – 389.86 euros
Transaction fee – 40 euros (what is this?)
Total for 2 people – 815.86 euros or $1076.94 or 219,938 forints
Budapest to Vilnius was a bargain after Riga.
Fare – 352 euros
Taxes – 313.54 euros
Transaction fee – 40 euros (what is this?)
Total for 2 people – 705.54 euros or $931.02 or 190,196 forints
These fees do not take into consideration that starting this summer, most including transcontinental airlines are going to charge for all checked baggage as well as carry-on. They should be paying us baggage handler’s salary for doing the work ourselves.
Let’s see, a train ticket to Eger is 15 Euros for me and Ron rides free. Hmmm…perhaps staying within the borders is not a bad idea after all.
**I would have sworn this was song was popularized by Judy Collins, but when I looked it up, it was actually a group called the Limeliters and their vocalist Mary Hopkin
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