If the name Qwerty rings some bells in the back of your memory, look down at your keyboard’s top row of letters from the left. This clever name is the store where we bought the computer for the kitchen for guest’s to use. When we had the seemingly fatal black, not blue screen that said “Opps! Something is definitely wrong here!” we called the ex-pat American computer repair guy.

His solution was simple. Haul it off, diagnose it and create a service plan. We allowed him to cart our box off to his office, but there was a niggling thought in the back of my mind. Hmmmm….the computer was not that old. Could it possibly still be under warranty?

The strange thing here is that you have three business days after making a purchase to return it to the store. Even within those three days, the allowances for the return are limited to the item not functioning. Changing your mind about a purchase is as worthy of a refund as hoping to win the lottery without buying a ticket. You bought it, you own it. You want to return it? Break it within three days or you are out of luck.

After three days, you are destined to bring or ship the item to the “Service Center” for repair or replacement. Guarantees can very from thirty days to a year, but what is guaranteed is that the service center will not be anywhere convenient.

With all of this in mind, we had to debate the pros and cons of trying to find our guarantee for Qwerty or let our fellow patriot have a go at it. Since he charges 5,000 Huf an hour, we opted to rescue the computer, bring it to the store and see what happened. Our fellow American still charged us for an hour’s time for coming to get the suffering patient.

Ron took the computer to the store, sadly admitting we could not find the receipt. They looked it up on their computer (amazingly) and found to our delight that he guarantee was for a year and six months. Holy motherboard!

Which was exactly the problem, the motherboard stopped being the intended nurturer and needed replacing. So in laymen terms, our mother abandoned us and we have been thrown out for adoption only to now have a surrogate mother…board.

It took two weeks for them to discover our faulty lineage, but heck, it was free. We are up and running yet again. Thank you Qwerty, you have won our allegiance.