Price Increase on US Passports

Just around the corner on July 13, 2010 the cost of getting or renewing a US Passport will increase.The fee for an adult passport is stated as $110.00, however, there is an additional $25.00 fee for ‘processing’. Why not just say $135.00? A passport for children under 16 years old will be $105.00.

Passport renewals will save you the $25 processing fee if you do not go to a county clerk or post office. Mail in your current passport as proof of identity along with your application. The alternative is to use a private expeditor service, which negates any savings, but if you are in a time crunch it is worth it.

The $25 administrative fee is awarded to the official passport acceptance agents such as the post offices and city governments who provide the legal service of applying for a passport. Due to the hours of hand holding they have had to do with numerous applicants, they have complained that their current fees are not cost effective. With this new fee, the Department of State will review the increase in application fess to determine if there needs to be another increase sometime later the year.

Another “gotchya” is to add extra pages to a valid 28-page passport book will cost an additional $82 starting July 13th.Up until now, it has been free. If you think you could use extra pages, get them now if you still have some years before your passport expires. 

A larger passport of 52 pages as opposed to the usual 28 pages is available at no additional cost when you renew or get a new passport if you ask for it. Extra pages are needed by frequent travelers going to countries that require a visa.
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