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Every time we travel at this time of year, I get little nervous about the unknown, which should be part of the excitement. This year, Ron found the US government travel advisory updates where you can register where you are going and get up to the minute information. We registered for Kenya and Tanzania.
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I should know by now that the US travel advisory is always full of doom and gloom, but it did give me pause to read that Americans are especially targeted in Nairobi. There was a long list of places to avoid, mostly upscale, so that leaves us out. However, they continued to state that crime is a major problem due to the poverty. After getting assaulted once and robbed the very next day, when we were in Santiago, Chile, I am more cautious than I had been in the past. 

This has me thinking that perhaps it is best that my new Pentax Kx camera has not arrived yet. At least if the old one is stolen, I have had five good years with it and will not feel the loss as much as if it were a new toy. For the most part, in Kenya, we will be with the safari group, but we do have time on our own at the end of the trip. Here is hoping for the best.

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