Potty Training

For the last week, I have been in potty training all over again. It seems that I have to train myself to like the new potty tiles. Though it is not what I wanted had I had the time to shop the limitations of choices, but I have to admit it doesn’t look half bad. 

When our tile man told us we could not hold off on the wall tiles, they had to be done at the same time as the shower tile, we flew from store to store. Six weeks ordering time here, eight weeks before delivery there, so we bit the bullet and went to the over-sized hardware stores. They keep stock on hand. After deciding on the least of all evils at one store, having bought a sample for 500 Huf, we went to the next. There I found tile that would have been perfect. Notice the conditional “would”. Of seventy-two different tiles, this was the only one they did not have in stock. This bathroom is a curse and cursed. Settling for the same design in a lighter color, we were set. Delivery charges – 10,000 Huf about $60. There is no way we could have hauled the boxes home on the tram.

Sandor our tile person has been working like a champ. He knew I don’t like the tiles, so he has been trying to persuade me they are not so bad after all.  We decided to repaint the ceiling too. Sandor has a friend…not expensive either. I think that will help with an attitude shift.

The plumber returned today and put in the shower floor so Sandor could finish the surrounding tiles and reinstall our glass block wall on one side. Tomorrow, the painter comes to paint the ceiling and Sandor will finish all of the grouting. On Friday, the plumbers will come one last time to reinstall everything associated with water. Sunday, we have a cabinet maker coming to show us colors for a custom medicine cabinet I designed.

Tuesday, we have four B and B guests arriving. Biting my nails to the quick over timing, I am able to relax a bit now. With so many workmen in and out of the place every day, it will take some time before I get over my expectations of  guests of doing something constructive like slap some tiles on the wall, put in an new electric outlet, or coat something with paint.

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