Poke Me Man

I decided to cancel my last acupuncture session this morning. There are three doctors that seem to rotate, though I have not been able to find the sequence of who is there when. The one doctor that took the time to communicate with me through an interpreter was the female doctor. It was at the end of her two sessions that I felt an enormous difference in the way I feel. One of the male doctors makes me feel like I am back to square one. Without the female doctor’s interpreter, there is no one there to find out her hours, but being here alone with Ron in the States, it would be too difficult to arrange my times with her times regardless. They also insist that the treatments need to be spaced within days of each other further complicating matters.

When I returned from my last appointment on Monday, one of my guests asked how I felt. I said “Holier than thou.” His response was that I did not need to be needled to feel that way.

Yesterday and today the weather has been less desirable for wandering the streets, but out I go again in a different neighborhood checking for vacant store windows that were once filled with delectable merchandise to catch the traveler’s eye and imagination. My creativity is challenged by having to find a replacement offer for each one I delete. This is followed with prayer beads, novenas, mantras, and pouring out white light on these storekeepers to stay in business until my book is published.