The Plumber: Continuing Saga

Ron has been persistent in calling the building manager arranged for us by our attorney. The manager said the plumber would come after 7:00 pm tonight. We decided not to exercise hanging by out thumbs waiting, but Ron has so much more faith in all areas of life than I do. He was almost willing to hold his breath while waiting. The messages from downstairs keep coming.

I, being the faithless one, made the decision that we should watch some television shows we have on disc. After four episodes, it was 11:00 pm and the doorbell rang. Could it be the plumber at such an hour? No, it was the neighbor. He wanted us to come down to see the new bubble that had appeared in his bathroom ceiling. Not really a good time of the evening for home art appreciation, we went anyway. Yup, that is a bubble in the ceiling. Lovely how symmetrical it is. Okay, I can understand his frustration with this situation, but he did have the ceiling ripped out once already and just had it replaced without trying any productive resolutions to the situation. This should be a give and take on both sides, but he does not seem to know how to play the game even after we explained the rules a dozen times. We shared yet again that we cannot make plumbers materialize out of thin air, even if we were in our home environment. Here, we do not seem to know the magic words to make it happen.

Dreading nightmares about our whole bathroom being ripped out to find this leak, we went to bed.