A Picture is Worth 5,000 Huf

Never having used PhotoShop before, just opening the program is intimidating. After playing around for an hour, I decided I knew just enough to be dangerous to my prints. Since many contain wild beasts from safaris, I can honestly say “No animals were harmed in the process”. 
My former photography teacher came over to give me a lesson. We arranged 5,000 Huf a the fee. Mentioning that I had version 5, while he was living in the past with version 3, did not seem to faze him in the least. The first thing I made him do was watch two YouTube videos on highlighting the new features of CS5. His attitude changed during the visuals, but really did a turn when he came face to face program. 
After an hour and a half, I at least have more confidence in playing with the program if not being able to do exactly what I had hoped just yet. Now it is time to buy the book.
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