Phase One Completed

When we were stilling living in California, we had both bathrooms remodeled, in addition to many other jobs requiring contractors of one sort or another. In my experience, it was rare when a work person, showed up on time or even on the day they promised.

Sandor, our tile man has been here at 8:00 am each day as promised. Today was no exception. This was the last phase of his work. He had to cut the tiles to create the baseboard and then grout the walls, floors, and baseboards. He was not satisfied when we said not to bother with tiling the baseboard area behind the radiators. They are flat and low to the floor, so it would not be noticeable. He, however was not satisfied with this, so cut them so that they could be slid from underneath and up.

By 3:00 pm, he was finished. It looks so good, we are going to have the hallway done in May, matching the tiles from the kitchen to have continuity.

We have to rid the place of dust. There is dust everywhere, even in the medicine cabinet in the large bathroom.

Tomorrow, the electric gets finished off and the stove is delivered.