Paul Roberts Comments on My Sausage

Though I don’t know him personally, Paul Roberts left this message on my sausage.

“I take you mean the USA variety of Italian sausage and not ones from Italy.”

Yes, the US kind. The last time we were in Milan, the only place to get the US type sausage was at one butcher shop, but we had no place to freeze it for transport/import into Budapest. Now that I have looked at your link above, I see they classify some salami as sausage also, which I was not aware of and there is an interesting comment. One of the salamis is considered peasant food since it will last up to a year. When I had asked about sausage in a restaurant in Rome, the waiter said “That is food for peasants.” I felt wounded associating that comment to my grandparents, but now I understand it better.

Speaking of which, there is an Italian grocery store here where they do have a small variety of Italian smoked meats and cheeses, but run by Hungarians. When I asked the “butcher” if they had Italian sausage he said no. When I asked if he could order it, he said “Next time”. How definitive is that?

Since the last post, I did consume one link of sweet. My stomach felt like a small hand was inside playing Chopin on my stomach wall. I swear I could see the little fingertips poking outward. Other than that, no negative reaction. Houston, we did not have a blast-off.