Park Your Butt and Relax

I was on my way to meet student to discuss his course schedule. It was not a school day for me, so I suggested we meet at Cafe Alibi. I try to rotate where I meet with students outside of the university for a couple of reasons. For some students, I expose them to places they have never been to and did not know they existed. For me, I enjoy the change in scenery plus it gives me a chance to get back to places I may not have been to for some time.
On the way, I walked through Kiraly Park, which I love. It is one of the most beautifully maintained in the city for a small neighborhood rest stop

When I reached the restaurant corner, I would not have recognized it if I hadn’t known there had been construction going on in the area. They made a nice area, beautiful. This is right next to ELTE‘s law school. I love the washed out look to the first picture below. It reminds me of the old-fashioned postcards.

I just never stop loving this city.

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