Palm Treo Trilogy or Never Ending Story?

My Palm Treo 750, a phone I have come to love, has stopped dialing numbers. When I answer a call, I cannot hear a thing. On the 15th, I posted my initial trip to the repair place with a student. On Monday, I returned solo. The meck-i-nic as the young gentleman at the front desk called him was there to look at the phone.

After some brief examination, no CT Scan at this point, he suggested I return in an hour with 8,000 Huf (about $45.00 give or take) and I could take the patient home with discharge papers and care instructions. Being only fifteen minutes from home, I went back, had a cup of tea, read e-mails, and then returned.

Oh, dear! The patient has taken a turn. Although the dialing and receiving calls was fixed, when he turned the phone off and than on again, it no longer worked. Surgery was in order. He would have to remove all of the software and reinstall it. I should return on Tuesday at 3:00.

Broken hearted, I left. Tuesday, at 3:15 I arrived with a skip in my step. The extra minutes were not to appear overly anxious. However, the smile was soon wiped from my face when I was told the meck-i-nic had a family ‘program’ and was not there. I translated this has ‘problem’ for surely if he had a family function, he would have known that yesterday. No one knew if he had worked on the phone or not.

The nice young man said he would call me on Wednesday, today. I suggested after 3:00 since I had a full day at school and then a physical therapy appointment. Stupidly, I forgot my old mobile at home, so when I arrived, I expected a missed call. There was nothing. Being weary and a bit disgusted, I will wait until tomorrow and take a journey after my full day and see what is what.

In situations like this, I often wonder how much different this would be in the States. I continue to remember the Gateway computer that I bought and had to return it forty-five miles away to be repaired six times within the first year that I owned it. Sure it was under warranty, but that did not make the drive or the time spent any easier. But if I had a Treo in the US, how much time would it take to fix? I really don’t want to know the answer. I like to confuse myself that this is the trade-off for living in Europe.