Palm Treo Trilogy Next Scenario

I received a call from the store that my phone was ready to go and go I did to retrieve it. Now that the software has been reloaded, nothing I had in it is there, but it is working fine. Actually, it is better now than when it was new. The camera option used to freeze the entire phone and I had to do a soft reset, but it works now without a hitch.

All of my data was synced on the computer, but first I want to get a 4 GB expansion card. I need a Hungarian-English dictionary on there, plus some other utilities. When I add some music, since this is also an MP3 player, it will fill a regular card quickly. I am jazzed and ready to play once I reset all of the settings back to where I had them.

My sync folder looks to be empty, but I am hoping the data is only hidden. We will see. Otherwise, I will have to do a sync between my Gmail mail account and Outlook, then sync Outlook with the phone. If only I could remember how I did that in the past, because Outlook mobile is no longer on my phone.

More hours of searching, studying, and remembering… I should write instruction manuals for myself as I go for future reference.