Palm Treo the Mini-Series

After reading dozens of posts on the Treo forums, I had concluded that the phone would handle a 4GB expansion card, so I went to buy one. It takes a mini card, not a standard or micro card, so I wrote down what I needed to just hand to the salesperson rather than drag along an interpreter.

I gave the slip of paper to the clerk at a large camera store. He looked at it and asked me something in Hungarian, but the blank look on my face made him realize my synapses were not firing. He tried again in English. Eureka! I hit the mother lode, an English speaker. He then went on to explain that the 4 GB cards were on HC or high capacity and he was uncertain whether my phone could handle high capacity or not. They quit making cards without the HC in the 4 GB size or at least they were not available here in Hungary. After sharing with him that my meandering through the Treo forums assured me it would work (I really had self-doubt in the back of my mind), I bought it. If it did not work, it was $25.oo down the drain, but the prices in the States were double, so I was still ahead in being behind in losing my money.

After running home, I whipped the card out of the bag and realized it was a micro card with adapters. My heart sank, not knowing if the adapters would fit or not. The smaller one did fit the phone; I was off and running. Viola, the phone did not recognize the card. Back to the manuals and forums.

Ah, ha! For the phone to recognize the card, which is FAT 32 system, you need Windows Mobile 6. Windows Mobile 5 only recognized FAT 16 system. These little nuggets of info were packed tightly and securely in the storage boxes of my brain, but not discovered and unwrapped when buying the card.

How to get Windows Mobile 6, well that was the next search. You cannot download it from Microsoft, because they tie it into the phone company your phone has an affinity connection with. So if you have a Cingular phone, you have to get it from Cingular’s web site. AT&T has their own version, each depending on what tools they want to allow with their phones. I, on the other hand, have an unlocked free roaming, not tied to any specific company wild as the wind phone with no Windows Mobile 6 to download. The hunt continues.