Paint Up! 2011

When I heard about the Paint Up! this Sunday night from 10pm to midnight, I had initially thought it was the laser show we have been to in the past. At those that we have attended is where they project laser lighting onto the sides of a building, usually a flat sided one in order to create magnificent colors and geometric shapes. It has not been multiple artists. 

This year’s Paint Up! is a competition among various light artists using the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as their canvas. They have a FaceBook page, which you can visit here for more videos and information. Apparently, this has been going on, but has by-passed us in years past. You will find much better examples than what I have. I had forgotten my wide angle lens at home, so used the telephoto lens, but then my batteries died on me. I did not stay for the full show, because it was cool out and I wasn’t keen on walking home. I left in time to get the metro.

There are two short videos in my other blog, Ryan and Ron Do the World.

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