OurWishingWell.com Wins Seal of Approval

This is how I define excellent customer service. While having become inexplicably obsessed with wedding planning, some people have asked if we have created gift registries. Well, actually I had not thought of that because we certainly don’t want to drag things back from the US to Hungary and then possibly from Hungary to whereabouts unknown in the future.

Just to appease some and because this is unquestionably going to break our bank, I decided perhaps a money registry would be suitable for those who were feeling generous. After much hunting, I found that Our Wishing Well.com met our needs not only for a registry, but to disseminate information about the upcoming events with different pages of tidbits here and there.

Ryan and Ron’s Wedding
A Brief History
Booking a Hotel Room (Not complete yet.)
What to Do in Des Moines (More than I thought actually)
Share a Room
Gift Registry

After working for an hour one day, I saved the work and left the site. Later, I returned and decided I had better pay the subscription fee which would keep the site listed until after April 19, 2014 and not have it expire prematurely. I paid the fee through PayPal and all was well.

Then I spent close to 2 hours working on our pages filling in information for “What to Do in Des Moines” but I was having a heck of a time getting the line spacing to look its best. Then problems with the hyperlinks were driving me crazy. A great disaster hit when after 2 hours of work, the site froze like an Antarctic winter. I could do nothing. I could not save the work. I could not close the site. I could not navigate elsewhere. I tried reopening the site in a different browser, but still nothing. To say I was angry was to devalue the word extensively.

I started again. Still on the second go, when I put in hyperlinks under the Des Moines things to do, they would not appear when the page was published. Then it occurred to me that they were there, but had changed to a white font. Making certain the font was black, it did not change a thing. I changed it to each dark color with no changes at all. Nothing! Trying bold, italics or underlining was useless. What I discovered needed doing was to create a colored background for the white font. This is not what I wanted, but it was the only solution. Saving the work every 2 minutes, it was finally close to being finished, albeit not the way I would have liked.

An hour later, an e-mail appeared in my inbox. It was from Joseph Renzi who is the Support Manager of OurWishingWell.com. It read:

“We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer support and we are always looking for feedback from our customers.

I see that you have used our system recently and I am very interested in hearing about your experience on our website. It will take less than one minute, and you will automatically go into the draw to win $100! To provide us with some feedback, simply reply to this email.

If you think that our system could be improved, then please let us know your ideas and we will try to incorporate your feedback. Also, if you like our system, then please do let us know what you like so we can keep doing those things well.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Taking this opportunity to test his promise, I sent an e-mail containing the issues I had encountered.

An hour later, I received a response stating they tested one of the pages I mentioned, but could not find fault with it. Would I please test it again? So I am thinking that they honestly did not read my e-mail at all; there was nothing alluding to the other snafus, but decided to write again to clarify the matters which were not thoroughly addressed.

After another hour had passed, there was another e-mail from the company. It would not have surprised me if their response was that they don’t normally deal with same sex couples, so after really looking over the site, tough breaks and go elsewhere. It was not even close to my imaginative negatives.

What they did say was that they found the problems described, tried to correct them, but were not able to either. They explained that the program they use for building the individual sites is licensed from another company, not their own product. They agreed these issues were not satisfactory and would be certain to report it to the company licensing the program. As a token of their appreciation they were refunding my full payment and giving me the year service as a complimentary gesture. I was flabbergasted; pleased as punch as the saying goes, but still flabbergasted. 

I told them I would have to blog this story. This is one company that has my seal of approval for certain.

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