Open Wide and Bite

After seeing this venue being “trialed” on an
ExPat group site, we decided to give it a shot. Having pulled pork on the menu
was the clinching factor.
Clean, simple decor with most of the seating along the right
hand wall, prepares you for enjoying the food, without being overly stimulated
by the scenery.
Our server apologized that the menu was only in Hungarian.
This could be a major drawback for the traveler and hopefully it will be
rectified in the near future after their trial run is completed. We could read
the menu so we ordered the New York and Roasted Pulled Pork sandwiches.
What arrived were mounds of shredded pork piled onto a
cushiony bun baked on the premises. The pork had some BBQ sauce, a dab of relish;
each had a small side of coleslaw, and a generous portion of French fries.
There was no way to bite into the sandwich without first cutting it in half.
It only took one bite to transcend into ecstasy. This is
without a doubt the best pulled pork sandwich I have eaten, including those in
the US. By the time I had consumed the first half of the sandwich, I was full.
However, the second deadly sin – gluttony, forced me to finish the rest of the
meal. The French fries were cut with a V-blade, not my favorite. Much of the
potato is cut out leaving little flavor and an overly crunchy French fry. The
coleslaw, on the other hand, was heavenly. It was so fresh tasting; you could
imagine the cabbage having been shredded minutes before being served.
To accompany the meal, we had a lager craft beer, locally
made. It had an incredible bite to it that satisfied our thirst while
stimulating the taste buds enriching the food’s flavors.
Trying to replicate American cuisine, the majority of the
menu items are various types of burgers and pulled pork sandwiches. There are
some Mexican food choices such as burritos and quesadillas. They had my heart
at pulled pork.
Adding to the overall pleasure was the excellent service. We
were well cared for without being doted on. Our first server was willing to do
any translation of the menu if needed.

We wish them well; we will return with friends.