Open, Close, Stand Still, Sit Down

The orders have not stopped. I have been bombarded with them the last couple of months. If it were orders for some product I have been hawking I would be in heaven, but it hasn’t. The orders have been coming from doctors, dentists, and other medical personnel.
About a month ago I went to see our neighborhood doctor about my sinuses. For decades I have had problems with a runny nose. All during my childhood, doctors blamed it on my deviated septum. Just one of the ways I deviate; however, this one can be blamed on a kid named Kit. We were in 4th grade together and he was a bully. One day he punched me in the nose when I was defending my best friend Clark. From that time I have had chronic bronchitis and pneumonia more times than I have fingers. Ever surgeon offered to correct it, but every insurance company called it cosmetic surgery; therefore, it was not covered.
In the US, I had seen specialist after specialist because it always became hyperactive the minute almond trees went into bloom. The allergist ran a skin panel, but not for almonds since that was beyond the routine testing, which the insurance covered.
My little, young Hungarian doctor insisted she refer me to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, scrounging around her list of contacts until she found one who spoke English. However, while I was there, she made me commit to a routine testing; it had been 2 years. The next morning I had to offer my blood and urine after fasting from midnight. She said the results would be back within days, but I waited for over 2 weeks before returning. We were going to Munich, why spoil a good vacation with bad news about my health?
In the meanwhile, I went to the ENT who in turn wanted me to have a CT scan of my head. He personally scheduled it, but it wasn’t to be until days before we left for Munich. He told me to call him when I had the results. Run there, run there. All the tests were done, but now the CT scan results would not be ready until we returned from Munich. Perfect timing. 
When we returned, I picked up the scan results and went to see the local doctor first. My glucose seems to go up at night, but is fine during the day. She said I was fine, but should watch my sugar intake. 
The ENT doctor told me to call him when I had the results so he could tell me when he would be at the clinic. He has not yet returned my calls. Hmmm…I wonder if he can hear the phone ringing.
What turns my American friends green is that none of this has cost me a single forint.
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