Oh My Throbbing Head

I have been reading students‘ theses for the MA program. These are for the students that I advise. My criteria for taking them on is that they send every five pages that they write, so I can find errors in clarity, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and so on and so on ad nauseam. My theory and what I share with them repeatedly is if there is something wrong, I can catch it early on and save time and energy for both of us later. This semester, I was supposed to have seven MA people writing and four BA students. 
The MA thesis has to be turned in April 16th. How many students have I heard from? Three! However, only two have sent me anything. What they did send was their whole thesis. So, I am juggling reading those, reading my Creative Writing class assignments, and then there are the essays for my Race and Ethnicity II class. 
Though I have taught “Academic Writing” to 99% of the R and E class, those who chose to grace me with their paper, turned in something I would be humiliated to turn in in junior high school, let alone university. These are students who are supposed to be going on a journalism internship next semester. Well, I am the Chairperson of the Writing Program, so I have final say. Until then…
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