Off to the Computer Wizard

Yesterday, Ron could not get the computer in the kitchen to recognize the WiFi connection. I was called to the rescue, but no matter what I did, I could not get it to work. I spent four hours uninstalling and reinstalling the software for USB WiFi adapter with no good results for longer than five minutes. Not being sure whether or not it was the computer, the USB or the adapter, I was at a loss for what to do next. The best solution was to buy a new computer. I could get a brand new one for $300. with a WiFi built in, Multi read DVD R/W and a whole lot more hard drive space than this one has, plus the USB ports would be 2.0, while these are the old 1.0.

This old Gateway was bought while I was still in my doctoral program, so it is about 10 years old. It functions well for most things, so I thought I would offer to my friend Laszlo. Today, my sidekick student and I went to the computer store where he had called and they said they had the computers I wanted in stock.

When we arrived, they said they had computers on hand, but would have to install the WiFi card. The computer comes without software, so I would have supply my own Windows. Their only offer is Windows in Hungarian for an extra fee, but that would be pointless for me. This computer mainly for the use of guests who really utilize it often. It is another of our selling points for those who do not have laptops, making it a high priority item. Ron also uses it often when school work, writing, or catching up on finances keeps me tied to the main computer.

I was told if I had my own legal version of Windows CD, they would install it at no charge. I arranged to drop off my disk on Monday, had my personal interpreter ask if the salesman would be working, so I could ask for him and go it alone when I returned. It was settled. He wrote it all out, gave me his name and I was set. It will take me about four hours to install the programs needed on that computer that Ron uses when I am here at the main computer and we are ready to go. So now we are just waiting for Monday, Monday.