Now This is Customer Service

When I get excellent customer service these days, regardless of the originating country, I am bowled over. On Saturday, I sent an e-mail to Kingston Technology. I am not even certain where they are located, but I had purchased a 4 GB expansion card for my Treo 750. It would not work and I searched all over the 50 million pages of the Internet trying to find out why.

It turned out that it is because I do not have Windows Mobile 6 on my phone and this particular card is a high capacity card, which is only recognized by Mobile 6 on Treo 750s.

Today, I am at the grocery store and my phone rings. It is the support person from Kingston Technology wanting to follow up with me about my e-mail. They were concerned about my card not working in the phone. We had a rather lengthy discussion between the vinegar and pickle sections of the store. This gentleman and I don’t use the term loosely, was truly concerned about the card not working. Kingston Technology has gained one loyal customer and as you can see, I am willing to share the experience for others to know the excellence in service.