No Laughing, Bunny

Susan and Dick were fabulous hosts, hauling our butts all over to get the last minute things we needed or wanted. One hot ticket item I could not find anywhere in Budapest was over the calf dress socks in brown. The black ones available were over $15 a pair, but most stores only sold them in packs of 3. 

Susan took us to a mall to find these evasive socks. Even in this state capitol, it took multiple store stops to find what we needed. On the way from one end of the mall to the other, we happened upon Chocolaterie Stam. Immediately, I recognized the name as the place where the bakers were going to order our cake toppers from. In fact, the chocolate version was in the window in various sizes. We stopped in to see if they had a white version just to get a sense of what ours would look like. They offered that in the white version, the colors are reversed, so the nose is brown. Just what we needed, a couple of brown nosers. Bad move!

We were informed that they only make the white bunnies by special order, but they had not received any special orders for 2 bunnies. Due to my insistence that they had to be wrong, the manager offered to call their other location to confirm our mishap. With the phone line busy, we suggested we shop and return for the final verdict.

Knots forming in my stomach, we did find the needed elusive socks by the third try. Now it was time for hunting rabbit and we returned to Stam. We were not greeted with any comforting facial expressions, which prepared us for the negative news. There was only one special order for 300 white bunnies, but they were picked up a week ago. Primal screams are totally unhealthy when one has to suppress them.

Back at Susan and Dick’s I called the baker. No answer – left a message after hearing “You may or may not have heard that we are moving…” We went to lunch, came back and I called the baker. No answer – left a message. Susan suggested we drive by their location, which was a comforting idea at the time. However, I knew they were in the process of moving, so the location could have been one of two sites. Dick assured us it was not a problem to swing by both.

As it turned out, they were right around the corner from each other. One was an old Victorian type house that was obviously vacated with a giant For Rent sign on the front porch. Shockingly, the second location has no association with a bakery of any sort; it was a coffee roasting company. We wanted to go in, but it was closed. The pressure was building and the panic started somewhere around my big toes and was flooding upward.

Back at the house, I checked the phone book, their website, their Facebook page, but all I could find were these two addresses. This was not comforting. If they were moving, where were they moving? If they were to have the 2 laughing bunnies, why weren’t they ordered? This was distressing, but there was nothing to do about it.

On Friday, I received an e-mail from the bakers. They were on track, if not on the ball, and all would be delivered on Saturday.

As it turned out, the cookies were boring yellow and white frosting and the bunnies were totally white without any flourish. At least we did have a cake.

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