Nightmare on Akacfa u.

The nightmare continues. The tile guy has keys to the apartment, the plumbers have keys to the apartment and all of this was because the release for the front door was not working. At the same time, the elevator decided to go on vacation, so it was improbable that we would run down the stairs to let people in. At the time, I still had bronchitis, causing Ron to have to make the commute up and down. God knows, he does not need the exercise.
Each morning in the wee hours when I get up to use the bathroom, when I stub my toe on the toilet, because it is sitting in the hallway just outside the bedroom door, I realize I have limited choices. There is no choice, but to turn on the hall light when getting up in the middle of the night. It is like an obstacle course filled with boxes of shower parts, the new shower floor, shower glass walls, glass blocks from our past shower wall that will be resurrected in part, boxes of tiles, a toilet, a bidet, a sink, oh and yes, the washing machine too. This is like a recreation of The Beverly Hillbillies, Hungarian style. 
Sandor, out tile man is an excellent worker. He did the tile in our kitchen, the walls and floor. We had him return to do the hallway floor. If it had not been for the rotten pipes, this would have been winding down by now. I think there is light at the end of the tunnel, but for now it is as bright as a match across a football field in daylight. That is the extent of my sports metaphors. I filled that lifetime quota finally.
The worst part is the bathing. It is not easy fitting under the kitchen faucet. Seriously, we do have to wash our hair there, but the 1/2 bath has no hot water. They had to rip out a lot of that wall too to replace pipes. The plumbers will not return until all of the tile work is done, so we are stuck. I have thought of booking a room at he IBIS just to shower, but Ron would stroke out. He is an old country boy after all, so this just brings back memories of his youth.
Tomorrow is a national holiday, the anniversary of the 1848 Revolution. Although the country closes up on national holidays, Sandor said he would work. The crux is that since it is a national holiday, he cannot make noise that may disturb the neighbors. They were not quiet and mincing around 162 years ago on that date, why should everyone have to be quiet now?
Shower me with good wishes, I will take any kind of shower I can get.
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  1. Wishing you all the good luck I can. I would also offer my shower but it's a bit far for you to come. (Szentendrei sziget)
    I really admire your patience, I had enough! 'Evacuating' in 30 hopefully very short days.
    Really wish you all the best.

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