News Around Town Part 2

I am not certain who is funding this, but there is a plan afloat to build a cable car line stretching from the Pest side’s Vigadó tér in District V crossing over the Danube to Buda Castle district on the other side. This was announced on June 7th at the first Budapest Tourism Conference that was held in Parliament. Of course, as all things construction, all of the necessary permissions need to be gathered, in triplicate and then rubber stamped with 7 different stamps to be followed by a declaration from some higher power before anything can start.

The cost of this joy ride, called Várkabin (Castle Cabin) will run €22.6-€30 million of private funds. Someone has deep, deep pockets. If all goes well and the schedule is maintained, the glassed-in cabins will commence the trans-Danube shuffle in one and a half-to two years. Estimated cost will be €5-€6 per person. Hmmm… a glass cabin in the heat of the summer. I wonder if there will be air conditioning or if they will rename it Sauna Cabin during the hot months. This will take a bite out of the funicular business for sure.

Depending on this ever (excuse the pun) getting off of the ground, it will later be extended to the Citadel on top of Gellért Hill

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