News Around Town Part 1

We were thrilled to be invited to Allison Layfield and Jeff Frawley’s abode last night for a farewell dinner. Allison will be returning to the US at the end of this next week. Ron will precede her by a few days, but Allison will then be followed by Dr. Karla Kelsey, the Fulbrighter who taught at ELTE this semester. Dr. KK was also in attendance.

Dress was oh, so very casual, but the food served was definitely swank tasting. If you have never tried dates wrapped in bacon and then baked, I highly recommend it. That is now on our “keeper” list. 

The company was spectacular as expected. Allison had a birthday this last week, so we surprised her with a variety of cakes from her favorite pastry shop. The empty nest syndrome is kicking in already.  

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