New Tool From Amazon

If anyone has bothered to check, I have an author’s page on Today, I received an e-mail stating they implemented some new tools. One such tool is the ability to look at your book sales in the US. I would be more interested in seeing this worldwide, because I get letters from readers in Australia, the UK, Singapore, and different countries in Scandinavia. 
I don’t receive royalties on the sales like a novelist would, but it is still a proud moment to see your book is selling. Below is a graphic of the sales across the US. For those who subscribe, it will not show up in your e-mail. Sorry about that. If you are interested, you will need to come to the blog to see it. 
These were sales for one month from November 8 to December 5, 2010. Considering it is winter and the dollar is not doing well in Europe, I am impressed. 

Sales for one month