The New Therapist

I went to a new therapist today. After 7 weeks of the chiropractor and not getting any relief, I had to do something different. I found a massage therapist that trained in Switzerland, contacted him and told him my problems. He said he thought he could help.

I went for my first appointment yesterday. This was not the relaxing type of massage, nor was it the Thai type, but somewhere in between. He listened to my complaints and really spent time checking my back and leg. He did more of a physical therapy than a massage, but when I left, I was walking better than I had been. He charges 3,500 Huf an hour and it was worth it. I made an appointment for next week and will continue to see if the problem resolves.

He did tell me some of the same things that the chiropractor and the Alexander therapist told me. I need to swim, but the back stroke only, to strengthen and lengthen my spine. I will have to check out some pools and stop being a slug.