New Metro 2 Cars Delayed

Some many tourists criticize the frazzled look of the metro cars. Hope for change this year was on the horizon, but has been dashed with postponement until 2009 as reported on Caboodle today.
The new metro trains for line two will not arrive until 2009, mayor Gábor Demszky said at a press conference last week. Until then, the current trains have to be used and renovated, writes Napi Gazdaság. The metro trains, after completing three million kilometers, either have to be scrapped or renovated. Of the currently used 125 trains, 35 are expired and ready to be scrapped, while another 45 were renovated after completing three million kilometers. BKV ordered 22 new trains for line two and 15 for line four from Alstom which should have arrived in Hungary by May but they are late. According to Demszky, they will all arrive by 2009. Both the mayor’s office and Alstrom, the company building them are pointing fingers at who is to blame for the delay. As it once was, is now and ever shall be.